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Welcome to FriarWade

Hello, and Welcome to the FriarWade website and blog.
I’m Wade Fahnestock, also known as FriarWade on the social media channels, and Father Wade+ in religious circles.cropped-20160229-Fr.-Wade.jpg
I’m a storyteller and musician, vocalist and priest.
Of course, there is a lot more to this amazing story than just those four descriptors.
I’m also a husband and father, speaker and marketing coach.
Three words that I would choose to describe myself:
Encourager, Motivator, and Inspirer.


I’m posting 1 min. Motivational and Inspirational vids almost daily.
If you really like something, Message me or leave a comment.
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Since there is so much criticism in this world, I’ll keep mine to a minimum and save that for the experts! There are so many opinions.
Why should mine be any different? Because I’m different.

My messages of encouragement and inspiration won’t reach everyone.
But they will reach those that need it – when they need it.

I’m a man of faith – man of the cloth. I’m also a sinner.
This means that I will have my doubts and fears, ups and downs,
and I won’t always respond – I may react. But I’ll try and keep that
to a minimum as well. But it also means that I will always look for hope!
I will return to compassion and forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration. I’m a medicine man that shares words and music as a doctor would dispense drugs. I also pray. (More about that to follow.)

Once more… avanté!