Baby Steps!

Shelter From The Storm
Shelter From The Storm

Lord, You are my shelter from the storm…
There’s just too much stuff going on!
Fierce winds surround me!
I don’t think I can move!

I have goals and dreams that have been on hold.
I’ve been waiting and waiting for the storm to clear.
But it hasn’t. There’s always one right after another.
Do you know what I mean?

One business coach repeatedly says,
“It’s all about taking baby steps.”

“Baby Steps?”

I don’t even think I can crawl, much less take a step.

But today is here. Today, this is my step in pursuit of my dream.
The Lord is my shelter from the storm.
The Lord shepherds me. I have everything I need.

Do you have an overwhelming goal or dream?
Why not take a baby step today?

Until next time…