Finding My Voice

My Journey
The Journey

In learning about Social Media, I’ve heard that it is important for a writer, author or blogger to “find their voice.”

Perhaps my voice is plain and obvious to some, but to me, it seems to remain a mystery.

However, I am on a journey of discovery.

I’m out to discover and rediscover my faith.
I’m out to discover what my “use” is and where I “fit”.

You probably will notice the evolution of a writer and author and when all of the extra stone is chipped away, the image that is revealed with be beautiful. But I see both the inner statue and the rough rock.

Here is a post today on my Facebook page:

Maybe it’s just me, but the journey towards original Ancient Christianity is so counter-culture to American Christianity that it’s like carrying two crosses instead of one.

Am I complaining? No. But it’s just that different that I can almost feel the negative thoughts from some, but not all. Thank God.

As I share my journey of discovery and rediscovery, please know that very few of my posts and comments are meant to hurt or wound anyone. (I say very few because sometimes I might slip if I’m tired and shoot off a zinger at someone who has ticked me off. For which I apologize.)

My “voice” in this matter is not one of a guru or Jedi master, nor is it the one of a commentator.

My voice is of one fighting it out in the real world of spiritual confusion and buffet-style Christianity.

Fr. Wade says, “I’m journeying to discovery.”

Mine is the voice of a pilgrim moving towards a heavenly country. I have found the pearl of great price and I’m selling everything I have to acquire the field where it’s buried.

The saga continues.
I share encouragement and inspiration vids for me as well as others.

Hebrews 3:13: Encourage one another daily!
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Join in the conversation.
Are we in the same tribe?
Let me know! 🙂

Thoughts on the Door

Ah, the wonder of metaphors and illustrations, yes?

In one illustration, Jesus said, “I am the door.” (John 10) He also mentions a doorkeeper who opens the door so the shepherd can come in to care for the sheep.
There are many in our society today who have adopted a
“Jesus and thee, no need for three, the institution of the Church, just ain’t for me” attitude.
That’s one ditch.
The other ditch is…
“It’s only the Church, the pillar of truth, but encounter the Trinity is too deep for me.”
In Scripture, we see Jesus working through His Church that He institutionalized. He proclaimed, “I will build my Church…!” (Note: People sometimes have a knee-jerk reaction when their hear “institutionalized Church” because of the stories they have heard as well as their own personal encounters with so-called “leaders” in the Church.) Nevertheless, the Church was visible and recognizable as an institution with structure, officers, policies, organizations, and even property and buildings. A person was either IN the Church or not.
Leaders of the Church, such as the Apostles, gave themselves to the ministry of the Word and prayer, while others, also full of the Holy Spirit, managed and did the work of the ministry, such as the deacons.
This living institution made judgment calls, commissioned evangelistic activities, the ministry to the poor and suffering, and managed property and finances.
The Holy Spirit worked with, in, and through the Church and many miracles were done by the Church confirming the Word which was spoken.
Sometimes, Jesus would make special appearances as he did to a persecutor of the Church named Saul. Yet Jesus sent him (Saul) to the Church, specifically a leader in the Church named Ananias to completely fling the door wide open. (Acts 9)
Jesus gave the commission to His Church, gave them responsibilities and authority to act in His Name.

1 min. Inspiration & Motivation – COUNSEL

Hello! Good Morning!
This is @FriarWade, Wade Fahnestock
here in Lakeland, Florida
at the Circle B Bar Reserve
and I’m coming to you with a
One moment of inspiration motivation.

This morning,
I want to talk to you about COUNSEL.

Who do you go to get your advice from?

#1. Don’t accept financial advice
from broke people!

Make sense?

#2. Accept spiritual counsel
from people who have survived.

You don’t want somebody with a new revelation!
You want somebody who
has weathered the test of time!

#3. Find people of like mind.

Find a mastermind!
Find counsel!
Talk to people who
have been down the road before!

And not just 1 – because there is safety
in the multitude of counselors

Hire yourself your own “inner circle.”

God Bless You!
This is FriarWade. Here in Lakeland, FL
Wishing you an absolutely
blessed and fantastic day!

Fr. Wade says, “Find Wise Counsel!”

Follow Wise Counsel!

Leave me a comment and share!

Tell me how YOU make decisions!



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