Anyone Can Love the Lovely

If we love those who love us, is that deserving of a reward? No. The world loves those who love them. But if we love when we are hated, mistreated, misquoted, insulted, called a fraud, a phony – even by those who call themselves Christian, then there is a reason to rejoice because we have shared, in a very small way, the sufferings of Christ. This is another “seed” for an awakening. Bear sufferings and hardship with patience.

Love in Christ,

Fr. Wade+

“Another” Personal Relationship with Jesus

Our personal relationship with Christ is ALSO
“me in the Church – the Body of Christ”.
It’s here that I have a tangible relationship
with the hands, eyes, and feet of Jesus.

Just as there are aches and growing pains in our physical bodies, so to the personal relationship with Jesus’ hands, eyes, and feet is often uncomfortable – even painful.

Working love – We encounter a suffering when becoming joined and knitted firmly together by the supply from every joint. Love patiently endures the pain coming through this (other) personal relationship with Jesus – His body – the Church.

in Christ’s love,

Father Wade+