A Recap of Prayer Around City Hall (part 2)

Fr. David Peoples of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church offers prayer
Fr. David Peoples of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church offers prayer

Prayer Around City Hall is about . . . Prayer

Have you ever attended a “Prayer Meeting” only to discover that the majority of the time was filled with stuff other than prayer? Really? I have, too. Prayer Around City Hall is totally about “Prayer.” Sometimes that seems to be too much for people to endure. So year after year, I’ve set up the keyboard and played some background “prayerful” music unto the Lord.

I believe it was St. Augustine who said, “He who sings, prays twice.” Sometimes during the various prayers, I would enter into a Chorus of “Give Thanks” or “Lord, have mercy”.

Pastor Bernie Hill leading in prayer at Prayer Around City Hall 2017
Pastor Bernie Hill leading in prayer at Prayer Around City Hall 2017

This year, we were blessed to have the following people lead in prayer. Some are pastors, others are community servants and businessmen.

Ed Kirkland praying for those in need.
Ed Kirkland praying for those in need.

Pastor E.T. Pickett III – Word Alive Ministries
Ed Kirkland – Harvest of Souls Ministry & Harvest Meat Markets
Pastor Jon Friedt – Believer’s Fellowship
Pastor Bernie Hill – Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church
Dr. Greg Morris – Leadership Dynamics
R. Stanley Parks – EPIC Church
Ray Allen – Southeastern University
James Joseph – United City
Dr. Richard Harris – Southeastern University
Pastor Eddie Lake – New Bethel AME Church
Bishop Judy Kahler – Saint Bridget’s Celtic Christian Church
Pastor James Collins – Bethany Christian Church
Fr. David Peoples – St. Stephen’s Episcopal
Pastor Brannen Padgett – Redemption Church

Dr. Richard Harris praying for racial harmony in Lakeland
Dr. Richard Harris praying for racial harmony in Lakeland

Claudia Jordan – Talbot House Ministries
Pastor Derek Kelly – Heart of the Father Ministry
Lew Frye – Integrity Business Referrals
Fr. Wade Fahnestock – St. Andrew Church

Prayers were offered for our governmental leaders – National, State, and Local – as well as those who serve in the medical profession, the first responders, the law enforcement officials. James Joseph of United City asked the group to join hands and to pray for the person next to them. Pastor Eddie Lake prayed for our governmental leaders as instruments of justice. Dr. Richard Harris prayed for racial harmony. Bishop Judy Kahler offered a Celtic prayer for blessing and protection. Fr. Wade ended the prayer event with a Prayer for our Enemies. We all prayed the Lord’s prayer together.
Standing in Prayer for Others in Need
Standing in Prayer for Others in Need

Central Florida Food Banks leaders Tony Allen and Donnie McClellan not only joined us in fervent prayer but provided water. Pastor Bernie Hill supplied the ice and coolers. Martha Zambrano (Fr. Wade’s wife) helped set up and coordinated the sign-in table. Claudia Jordan from Talbot house assisted with logistics. Dr. Greg Morris provided input on the format and names of our current governmental leaders. Pastor Derek Kelly from Heart of the Father Ministry lead in prayer and his team helped with the audio system. I’ll cover some more of these specifics in the days to come as well as provide a few follow-up interviews.

All of this was made possible by our sponsors Harvest Meat Markets, Central Florida Food Banks, and Keller Williams Realty. Additional support was provided by Steve and Stephanie Madden, James and Dory Joseph, and Lew and Marleen Frye of Integrity Builders, and facilitated by St. Andrew Church, Lakeland.

In our prayers!

Fr. Wade+
St. Andrew Church

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FriarWade Tests out NEW Facebook LIVE feature from the Desktop

FrairWade says Facebook LIVE from Desktop is cool!
Sea Ya or See Ya Around on Social Media!

Breaking News – Lakeland, FL – FriarWade, as he’s known on social media channels, has just tested for the first time ever (for him, anyway) the new Facebook Live VIDEO feature of broadcasting straight from the desktop! Normally, Fr. Wade Fahnestock uses OBS – the Open Broadcasting System to do his LIVE Morning Prayers at 7AM EST Daily. (See past blog posts.)

“It was too easy,” reports the good Friar, “but I don’t see how I can incorporate screen shares and other graphics. But I’ll be checking this out during the day!”

FriarWade noted that there is the ability to download the video option at the end of the broadcast.

“I think this will open the door to a LIVE VIDEO explosion on FB!”

PS. Join me at 7AM EST tomorrow!

Here’s the historical event:


Fr. Wade+