20160426 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – LISTEN

Hello! Good morning!

This is Father Wade in Lakeland, Florida for your one minute message of motivation and inspiration. This morning I was thinking about how to listen to the inward voice. It reminds me of a story my dad told me one time.

Here in Lakeland, there was this little dry-cleaning shop known as Myers cleaners. An elderly lady worked there named Eunice. One day my dad is driving along in his van and something down deep in his heart resounded in his spirit and said, “Go back and give Eunice $5.” That surprised him so he just kept on driving. A few seconds later the voice came again, “I said, ‘Go back and give Eunice $5!'”

Since he heard it for the second time, he turned the van around and headed right back to Myer’s Cleaners. She had already closed and the doors were locked. But he went up to the doors – the glass doors – he knocked on the door. She opened it up a little bit because she knew my dad.

He said, “Here is five dollars.”
He just slipped five dollars – a five dollar bill –
right through the crack in the door,
waved to her and took off.

Later on, several days later when he went back there, Eunice told him what had happened. She was exactly five dollars off in closing out her register and she had prayed, “Lord, what am I going to do. I can’t find this five dollars.” And there it was, my dad showed up and handed her five dollars right through that door.

Now I don’t know if you are going to get any dramatic answers to prayer like that. I know you can.

I know that you can be the answer to somebody’s prayer. I know that the Lord might be speaking to you to do something. Don’t put those inspirations off when you feel something like that.
Check it out, of course, don’t do anything crazy, but then again, do something! Listen! Because the Lord wants to use you to bless people today.

That’s your one-minute motivation this morning.
This is Father Wade, here in Lakeland Florida.
Have a great day and leave me a comment below.
Tell me if you have had something like that happen.
Just say, “OK” or “Yeah!”
Share your story if you would like to.

God bless you!
Have an awesome and fantastic day!