20160429 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – DON’T QUIT?

This is Father Wade, @FriarWade, Wade Fahnestock, here in Lakeland, with a word of inspiration and motivation.

Have you ever thought about, “Don’t Quit!”?
Maybe I’m just rebellious, but sometimes I hear the words, “Don’t Quit!”, and I want to say, “Why?”

Because that’s NOT always true. There are things that I need to quit.
I need to quit being bitter.
I need to quit being angry.
I need to quit being mad.
I need to quit bad habits!

But there are some things that we don’t need to quit.
That’s where your dream comes in!

If there is something in your life that you keep going back to, and back to – that’s burning in your heart – a dream, a calling – don’t quit on that. Don’t give up on it!

Yes, take a break, take a rest, take a vacation.
You need that. You need to step away sometimes.
But don’t quit!

Never give up on your passion.

That’s the word for today.
Don’t quit on your dreams!
Don’t quit on yourself!

This is @FriarWade wishing you a wonderful day.
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God Bless You!

Fr. Wade
FriarWade says, “Don’t Quit on your Dreams!”

20160428 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – PERSIST

Hello & Good Morning!
This is Father Wade, here in Lakeland, Florida
with a word of encouragement.

Sometimes, like this morning, you get up,
but you just don’t feel like doing anything.
You kinda wish you could roll over and go right back to sleep.
But can you do that?
Not too often!

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. You have to check yourself
  2. You have to tell your body what to do!
  3. You have to tell your mind what to do!

It might take a little while for your body
and your mind to respond,
but that’s what you have to do!

It’s like praying this morning.
Do I feel like praying this morning?
Not really! But I’m going to do it anyway!

Because I know that’s important for me!
I know it’s important for my family!
It’s important for my world!
And I’m responsible for doing that!

Is it going to be easy?
NO, it’s not going to be easy!
Am I going to struggle through it?
But I’m going to ask for God’s help and I’m going to pray.
You can do that, too!

God bless you!
Have a fantastic day!

This is Father Wade, leave me a comment!

Fr. Wade – Persist
I will persist until I succeed


Bono & Eugene Peterson – THE PSALMS

A Special “Thank You” to Fuller Studio and Fuller Theological Seminary for this production of Bono and Eugene Peterson on The Psalms. The initiative, known as FULLER studio, is a new venture making the best of Fuller’s resources available for the Christian church and individuals interested in the formation of a rich spiritual life. I became aware of Peterson’s work with his Bible version called, THE MESSAGE.

Bono & Eugene Petersen – The Psalms
Bono & Eugene Petersen – The Psalms

Now, as I watched this vid, I felt relaxed and calm as if the hidden (unspoken) message was “It’s gonna be alright. I (God) am big enough for you to be you. I created a garden for you. Enter into My rest as the ugly storms of life blow. It’s alright!”

I pray the Psalms as a part of my rule of prayer. The first Psalm I pray is Psalm 3, “O Lord, how many are my foes…” or as phrased in The Message, “God! Look! Enemies past counting!” This Psalm has been part of the daily morning prayers of the Church worldwide for hundreds of years, only lost to the generations departing from the riches of Godly Tradition.

As a teenager, I would sit at the piano with the Bible open to the Psalms. I would sing and pray (although not always easy to sing with the KJV). In the past few years, I’ve discovered the Grail Psalms, where the words are metered. This brought a whole new dimension for “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” into my life.

Peace be with you!

Fr. Wade+
Lakeland, FL

20160427 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – The GAMBLER

Good morning!

This is Father Wade here in Lakeland, Florida
with your one minute moment of Inspiration and Motivation!

What I’m thinking about today is,
“Are you facing a decision?
Something you know you need to go left or right on?
You either need to go forward or go back?”

I’m reminded of that song, “The Gambler.”
“You got to know when to hold ’em
Know when to fold ’em
Know when to walk away
Know when to run!
You don’t count your money
when you’re sitting at the table…”

There are “things” that you just need to know about life!

You might be facing a decision today or,
worse than that,
you might be putting off a decision
that you know you should’ve made a long time ago!

Take a chance today! Make a decision today!
Get all the information that you can.
Pray and ask the Lord for help.
Ask for wise counsel from your friends and experts!

Then make a decision… TODAY!
Choose TODAY!

This is @FriarWade, Father Wade, Wade Fahnestock,
here in Lakeland, Florida wishing you a fantastic and wonderful day!

You can make it!

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20160426 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – LISTEN

Hello! Good morning!

This is Father Wade in Lakeland, Florida for your one minute message of motivation and inspiration. This morning I was thinking about how to listen to the inward voice. It reminds me of a story my dad told me one time.

Here in Lakeland, there was this little dry-cleaning shop known as Myers cleaners. An elderly lady worked there named Eunice. One day my dad is driving along in his van and something down deep in his heart resounded in his spirit and said, “Go back and give Eunice $5.” That surprised him so he just kept on driving. A few seconds later the voice came again, “I said, ‘Go back and give Eunice $5!'”

Since he heard it for the second time, he turned the van around and headed right back to Myer’s Cleaners. She had already closed and the doors were locked. But he went up to the doors – the glass doors – he knocked on the door. She opened it up a little bit because she knew my dad.

He said, “Here is five dollars.”
He just slipped five dollars – a five dollar bill –
right through the crack in the door,
waved to her and took off.

Later on, several days later when he went back there, Eunice told him what had happened. She was exactly five dollars off in closing out her register and she had prayed, “Lord, what am I going to do. I can’t find this five dollars.” And there it was, my dad showed up and handed her five dollars right through that door.

Now I don’t know if you are going to get any dramatic answers to prayer like that. I know you can.

I know that you can be the answer to somebody’s prayer. I know that the Lord might be speaking to you to do something. Don’t put those inspirations off when you feel something like that.
Check it out, of course, don’t do anything crazy, but then again, do something! Listen! Because the Lord wants to use you to bless people today.

That’s your one-minute motivation this morning.
This is Father Wade, here in Lakeland Florida.
Have a great day and leave me a comment below.
Tell me if you have had something like that happen.
Just say, “OK” or “Yeah!”
Share your story if you would like to.

God bless you!
Have an awesome and fantastic day!


20160425 Fr. Wade Morning Motivation Walk Talk – FRUSTRATION

Hey! Good Morning!

This is Father Wade (@FriarWade) here in Lakeland, Florida, coming to you with a word of encouragement – a word of motivation.

If not, I’ll just smile at you say, “Hey, have a great day!”

We all get frustrated from time to time.
(I think we all do.) I do.
Maybe you’re superhuman and never get frustrated!

One time I was so frustrated that I got in my Ford Explorer and I took off driving. I went from Lakeland down to Bartow, through Lake Wales down through Yee-Haw Junction, all the way down to Vero Beach! I would have kept on driving if I could have gotten any farther out into the ocean. I was just ready to get away from it all!

And as I got there, I just sit at the beach. I couldn’t go any farther and I just watched the waves come in, one after another.

I looked around. It was kind of quiet.
I realized that those waves have been coming in long before I showed up on this planet and they will keep coming in long after I’m gone.

In the grand scheme of things
what I’m frustrated about it probably isn’t all that big!

So today, no matter how big your mountain is or how small it is, take a deep breath! Back off from it. Look around!

Because you know what? Nothing is impossible!

And the things that we think sometimes are so big and so earth shattering…

You know what? Tomorrow is going come. The next day is going to come. If it ends, we won’t know it anyway, will we?

This is Father Wade, here Lakeland, Florida.
Leave me a comment.
Tell me if you agree.
Tell me if this stuff is helping you.
Let me know what’s happening in your life!

God bless you! Have a fantastic day, and let this Monday be special!

Fr. Wade smiles!

20160422 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – Love Walk

Hello, this is Father Wade
or @FriarWade
as I’m known on Twitter, Instagram,
and a lot of other places.

I just wanted to say that “God loves you, today”.

That might sound like something that’s so trivial,
or so trite,
or <sarcastically>
Yeah! God loves me.

But the truth of the matter: “He is!”
God is love! He’s extended his love towards you.
Now, what we –you and me – what we need to do is accept that love.
Walk in that love.

Just like a fish’s natural habitat is water
and a cow’s natural habitat is in the pasture,
our natural habitat is “in love”.
Human beings were designed to walk in love.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

But today, acquire that love.
Humble yourself.
Ask the Lord of love – the Lord Jesus –
to fill you full of his life and his love!

This is Father Wade,
here on Instagram,
wishing you a blessed day!

Fr. Wade+
Fr. Wade’s Morning Walk Talk

20160421 Fr. Wade Morning Walk Talk – TRAIL CLOSED pt 2

This is Father Wade in Lakeland, Florida,
bringing to you a word of encouragement.

What was I going to share today?
Well, I thought about the post yesterday…
about the TRAIL being CLOSED,
and when I said, “hey if you get to something and the trail is closed, something’s blocking your way – Don’t worry about it!”

That may be easy to say but too often it’s not easy to do.

What happens if that TRAIL CLOSED sign becomes
bigger and bigger and BIGGER;
where you don’t know what to do;
where you feel all alone?

It’s the same principle.

You have to put your trust in God –
regardless of how big or small that mountain is!
You have to realize – I have to realize –
that I have friends that do love me.

That’s why we have a church.
That’s why we have friends.
Pick up the phone and call!

Sometimes our own worst enemy is the thoughts that we have!
Don’t believe everything you think about yourself!
It’s not always true!

This day make a difference!

Trust God!

This is Father Wade in Lakeland, FL
wishing you an absolutely fantastic day.

Please, do me a favor leave a comment below.
Just say, “OK”, say “Amen!, say Something!

God bless you!

20160419 Fr. Wade Tuesday Morning Talk

Good Morning!

This is Father Wade here and I think you can’t guess where I am.
I’m at a place where people come to “rest in peace.”
That’s right, I’m in a cemetery.

Sometimes it is very peaceful here.
But I’ve come to take a morning walk and I’m thinking,
“Life is short. Your life is short. My life is short.”

If I could encourage you to do one thing today: pick up the phone and call someone. Ask for forgiveness. Tell them you love them. Send a note. Send a card. Buy some balloons for your kid. Leave some candy for your wife. Do something creative to tell the people around you that you love them. Because soon, you won’t be able to!

Our life is like smoke – swish – it’s gone!

Remember you’re only one breath away from eternity.
Make every moment count.

God bless you.
Have a fantastic day.
We’ll see you again soon.

Go to my Facebook page at http://Facebook.com/FriarWade and leave a comment on this video. Share some creativity. Make a difference!

Peace be with you!

Fr. Wade+