St. Andrew Rectory

The New St. Andrew Rectory
(Clergy House)


The New St. Andrew Rectory
The New St. Andrew Rectory – 2925 Franklin Street, Lakeland, FL 33803

The St. Andrew Rectory is the Clergy House for the St. Andrew Mission – an orthodox catholic church mission – in Lakeland, Florida – a vision and mission of Fr. Wade Fahnestock. The term “rectory” has its source, the place where the “ecclesiastical rector” would live. Other names used for the residence of clergymen are Clergy House, Parsonage, Parish House and Parochial House.


While this residence may be temporary, it is blessed as the official rectory for the mission of St. Andrew. The Rectory address is 2925 Franklin Street, Lakeland, FL 33803-7358.

While hospitality is always practiced, visitors should call Father Wade in advance at (863)397-3573 to schedule an appointment or visit. Thank you for your understanding.

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